ASN Ingenieursgesellschaft mbH und Co. KG


  • Creating aviation documentation (AMM, SB, SIL, CMM, IPC, TSM, AWM, Crew Manual etc.) for Airbus, Boeing, SSJ100 or COMAC in Word, Framemaker or SGML (ATA iSpec 2200, Spec 2000) or XML (ASD S1000D, 2000M) in simplified technical english ASD STE100,
  • T-File production,
  • Aircraft Dokumentation for VIP Aircraft, Airbus A320 Family, A330, A340, Boeing BBJ,
  • Writing Vendor Service Bulletins (SBs) for the Airbus Cabin Intercommunication Data System (CIDS) and SKYpower in FrameMaker and SGML, XM,
  • Component Maintenance Manual CMM & IPL Documentation and aircraft components in SGML, XML,
  • Production of Pilatus PC-12, PC-21 Aircraft Maintenance Manual, Air Crew Manual, Mission Manual in SGML and Simplified English,
  • Development of Airbus training manuals and module courses: GenFam for the aircraft types A318, A319, A320, A321, A330, A340, A350, A380, A400M,
  • Production of Airbus A380, (Level 3) Training Manuals for ATA chapters 23-Communications and Chapter 42-Integrated Modular Avionics and Avionics Data Communications Network. Contracted to verify text, organize layout, design and end product.

Renewable Energies and the area of Mechanical Engineering

  • Development and authoring of ASD S1000D operating and installation manuals in SGML and ASD Simplified Technical English for wind turbine generators,
  • Documentation for wind farms and wind power systems regarding general engineering guidelines (Maschinenbaurichtlinien),
  • Solar technology maintenance manuals for the renewable energy sector,
  • Analysis and Consultancy for Power Plant Maintenance Manual,
  • Operating instructions for trolley buses,
  • Operating and maintenance documentation for filter systems in the commercial shipping industry,
  • Manufacturer documentation in the field of coal-fired power plants.


  • Creation, revision service and modification of military service maintenance manuals,
  • Service and operating manuals, TDv, B007, GAF T.O. for the navy, army and air force,
  • Wiring Diagrams,
  • Descriptive and spare part documentation, Part 5 and Part 14 on the basis of Matgrundlagen and design documents,
  • Trouble Shooting, maintenance documentation and illustrated parts data in S1000D and S2000M for A400M.


  • Creation of technical documentation with reference to B007 and M011,
  • Description, operation, maintenance, repair and spare part documentation, part 1,2,3 and 5, based on material data and engineering documents,
  • Production of text and illustrations with focus on electrical systems.

Consulting, project management and services

  • On-site India, project management, AMM, ASM, CMM, IPL, SB,
  • Project management, implementation of content management systems,
  • Quallitygate in out-sourcing projects,
  • Development of a blended-learning concept A320 and e-learning documents,
  • Consultancy with implementing a CMS system for internal documents and vendor publication data. Classify the documentation on the requirements of RDS-PP.
  • MAP training manual for working processes and tools for the FAL,
  • Airbus-subcontract-author training for A380, focused mainly on Airbus authoring and illustration standards, writing and information systems e.g. Gipsy/Gidoca, IMS, Zamiz, Primes System View, SAP-Illustration Administration and Product View,
  • ATA iSpec 2200 training (prior ATA 100) with focus on Component Maintenance Manuals CMMs with IPL and AMM Aicraft Maintenance Manual,
  • ASD S1000D training and workshops in the sector aviation and ship building,
  • Simplified Technical English, ASD STE 100 – Training,
  • CSDB based XML/SGML authoring tool training,
  • Workshop and Consulting in the areas of cost reduction, authoring tools and how to proceed with future authoring projects,
  • Training on methods for developing training documentation for manuals, presentations and check lists,
  • Translation of technical descriptions into Simplified Technical English, ASD-STE 100,
  • Translating from English into German and from German into English,
  • Translations into various European languages.

The main customers from A to Z

Airbus Operations GmbH

Areva Wind GmbH

Autoflug GmbH

BOEING Commercial Airplane

B/E Aerospace Systems GmbH


Conergy Deutschland GmbH

Diehl Comfort Modules GmbH

Dräger Safety AG & Co.KGaA

Global Tech 1 Offshore Wind GmbH

Lufthansa Technik AG

Parker Hannifin Manufacturing Germany GmbH & Co.KG

Pilatus Aircraft Ltd

Senvion SE (REpower Systems AG)

Vattenfall Europe AG

Wärtsilä SAM Electronics GmbH

Zindel AG